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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity...

...I'm not sure about the universe.


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About me
__I call myself an Aussie, but my passport's Malaysian, and I can also live in the UK and NZ - so I feel permanently confused! Well, I AM a Gemini. And a Chinese Year of the Snake to boot. Which possibly makes me a Hydra.
__I've lived in Borneo, Singapore, Australia, was internationally itinerant for a year, then London (England) for 11+ years. After being a travel bum in the Americas in 2012, it's now back to Oz for good. Still no permanent address tho'!
__I'm not a girly girl, but I do love funky jewellery, tactile materials, and books by Austen and Gaskell. I can't live without books, movies and BitTorrent ^-^. But there's nothing better than being outdoors - getting weathered or scratched or bruised. I love sun, surf n sand, but also being able to have real winter clothes.
__Joss Whedon is my hero. I am unashamedly a comic book geek. Everyone should try Jodorowski, Rucka, Azzarello, Millar, Gaiman, and Moore. Also, the Baen publishing company rocks.
__Buffy and Veronica Mars were my first tv true-loves.
__The TV shows I'm watching currently on and off air are: Pretty Little Liars, Justified, Bones, Modern Family, Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, The Wire, The Lying Game, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead...
__I am behind, by various degrees, on Breaking Bad, Dexter, True Blood, The Mentalist, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, Grimm, The Vampire Diaries, Burn Notice, Unforgettable, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural, Teen Wolf
__Eagerly awaiting the return of: Sons of Anarchy, Revenge
__Plus there's plenty more tv series on my "To Watch, One Day" List!