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Random numerics

Snagged from

alee23, 'coz I'm procrastinating too!

Random thoughts meme 


Basically a running thoughts meme...

1. Your last relationship .... with tv and books.  My current one has lasted over 10 years!
2. I am listening to ... nothing.  Am at work. OPEN. PLAN. SUCKS.
3. Maybe I should ...... not be procrastinating and do my dayjob.
5. Chocolate is ...... best when covering coffee beans.
6. I don't understand ...... quantum mechanics.
7. I have lost my respect for ...... (I was going to agree with alee23 on ‘Britney Spears’ but I don’t think I ever respected her – honestly ‘Hit Me Baby, One More Time’?!!) Ummm, I can't think of anyone.
8. I last ate ...... leftover curry & rice.
9. The meaning of my screenname ........ symmetry-Logan Echolls-Buddism, nothing that deep.
10. God .... is a metaphysical construct.
11. Someday ...... I will be able to stop working!
12. I will always remember ...... being a climbing bum, living by a river in British Columbia.
13. Love ..... me! 
14. My MySpace is ....... not something that I have yet caved into (ditto alee23!).
15. Today ....... was another day that the doona-monster fought to keep me in bed.
16. Tomorrow ....... is Thursday, which is one more day closer to the weekend.
17. I get annoyed ...... when people don’t get out of my way!
18. Parties .... are things that I rarely go to nowadays.
19. Alcohol is ...... sweet nectar from the gods.  Unless it's Sambuca or Tequila - in which case *vomits*
20. Simple kisses ..... *purr*
21. Change ....... happens all the time.
22. Today I ..... anxiously await going home to watch Moonlight ep3.
23. I wish .....  that damn lottery would come my way.

10 firsts:
1 - First boyfriend: Matt.  It was a commitment to one-night stands before.
2 - First best friend: Fareen & Shahnaaz - we were a triumverate.  And I wrote my first fanfics with S.
3 - First screen name: coreLoVe.
4 - First kiss: a jock who was in love with someone else.
5 - First good one: what?  Meal?  Fishing trip?  S.E.X.?  Latter was a one night stand with an American boy called Jordan, at a mate's party in Oz, it was also the first 'first'.  His mum grew his weed – I thought that was funny!
6 - First piercing(s): Ears, pre-teen, let ‘em close (twice!).  I can do piercings, even if I do like tats.
7 - First crush: one of my folks’ expat friends when I was like 7.  Tall, handsome, distinguished white guy.  What can I say – I’m a banana!
8 - First stuffed animal: Piglet – the only one I was really attached to, brought from Japan by a friend when I was in Grade 9.  I had him all the way until 2001 when a hotel maid in Las Vegas threw him out.  *pouts*  I’m still upset about it.

9 - First CD purchase: Yeesh, I really don’t remember. 

10 - First time living on your own: does with my brother count?  If yes -  19.

9 lasts:
1 - Last cigarette: summer last year, it was a J.
2 - Last alchoholic beverage: red wine, Saturday evening, at the pub as climbing was a washout.
3 - Last kiss: this morning at the station.
4 - Last movie seen: at the movies – ‘Transformers’ on Imax the other week, on tv – ‘Crackerjack’ (Mick Malloy and bowls – what more can I say!)
5 - Last TV watched: ‘Malcolm in the Middle’
6 - Last phone call: Matt, leaving work on Tuesday.
7 - Last CD played: Mike Doughty’s ’Haughty Melodic’ last night.
8 - Last bubble bath: um 2 years ago?
9 - Last time you cried: when I had an attempted pursesnatch on my street last year.   I pulled the prick off his bicycle and proceeded to kick and hit at him.  When I made it in the house, I burst into tears.  Then called the cops.

8 have you evers:
1 - Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Yes - Matt!
2 - Have you ever skinny dipped: No
3 - Have you ever been on TV: Not to my knowledge
4 - Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Ooh yes.  But it was all fun nonetheless.
5 - Have you ever had a sex dream about someone you knew: Yes, once that I can remember.
6 - Have you ever lost someone you loved: In the final sense?  Yes, my grandad.
7 - Have you ever been depressed: Yes
8 - Have you ever been in love: A couple of crushes, and yes.

7 places you've been to:
1. Macchu Piccu, Peru
2. Timberline Lodge (where they shot ‘The Shining’) Mt Hood, Oregon, USA
3. Kamloops, BC, Canada
4. Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
5. Kalymnos, Greece
6. Honolulu, Hawaii
7. Bangkok, Thailand

6 things you've done today:
1. Read tabloid crap in the free dailypaper
2. Avoided work while at work
3. Played around with S1 customisation on LJ
4. Been nose-to-armpit with other commuters
5. Culled and ADDED to my usericon list
6. Replied back my boss to add 2 more things to his email of my To-Do list

5 favorite things in NO order:
1. Food
2. Sunny crisp days
3. LJ and my flist
4. The TV that brings me pretties like JDoh and Alex
5. Puppies

4 people you can tell [almost] anything to:
1. Matt
2. Kate
3. My mum
4. Fiona

3 wishes:
1. To find a job I actually feel is worthwhile
2. That I can retire soon
3. For my folks to stay healthy and happy for many more years

2 things you want to do before you die:
1. Realise self-sufficiency in how I live – food, energy, ego
2. Jump out of a plane (with a parachute, of course!)

1 thing you regret:
1. Not standing up to my parents and their friend when they advised me to take Physics and Chemistry in Grade 11 and 12!!!  (Instead of Biol and Art)

I am a Non-American fangirl...

Psst If any flisters wants Moonlight Ep3 (.avi) - here.
I've also got other Moonlight, Reaper, Chuck, Gossip Girl (yeah yeah, I know) eps.

Oh and just coz I love these comics (here):


( 3 comments — Leave a comment )
Oct. 17th, 2007 11:35 pm (UTC)
Power of the procrastination! And go the non-American fangirls! (although it does get frustrating at times...)And awesome - another non-MySpace-r! Tee hee :D
Oct. 18th, 2007 10:02 am (UTC)
Yup, anything to avoid crappy work!

(although it does get frustrating at times...)
It reee-ry reee-ry does. Esply when the internet connection decides to be as water(byte)tight as a duck's bum.

I think I spend enough time on LJ without MySpace or Facebook!
Oct. 18th, 2007 11:33 am (UTC)
I think I spend enough time on LJ without MySpace or Facebook!
exactly! that and forums. that's my reasoning for not caving - i spend enough time in front if the comp as it is!
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