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Movie meme stolen from dexterette

TGIF!  I have been completely UNproductive today.

Nabbed this from dexterette:
[01] — Look up TEN of your favorite movies on IMDB.
[02] — Click the "trivia" link in the sidebar.
[03] — Post a fun and random bit of trivia from each film.
[04] — Tag five people everyone!

First, let me just say that I've never worked out a clearly delineated Top 10 list of movies.  I love (and watch! and own!) waaaay too many DVD movies and TV shows.  Also, I'm trying not to repeat dexterette's or neek_love's movies!

This was really, really HARD.  So here's a rough stab at the other nine, as 'TPB' has always been and always will be no.1...

The Princess Bride The most famous of the "classic blunders" mentioned by Vizzini - "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - was reputedly advice given by General Douglas MacArthur to President John F. Kennedy, in 1961.

Snatch Lennie James actually hit himself in his private parts with the shotgun while blasting a hole in the wall at the bookies, but continued the scene. That footage was used in the film.

This is as funny as watching the lead singer of Wolfmother hit himself in the nads with his guitar while performing and going down, and telling everyone why! (when he could speak again)

Iron Monkey The part of the young Wong Fei-Hung is played by Tsang Sze-Man, a talented martial artist, and also a girl.

Swordfish There is a shot in this movie virtually identical to one in X-Men (2000) featuring the same actors. After meeting Gabriel for the first time, Stanley (Hugh Jackman) is seen throwing water on his face while Ginger (Halle Berry) watches over his left shoulder in the background. In X-Men, after losing Rogue to Magneto at the train station, Jackman (as Wolverine) is seen throwing water on his face while Berry (as Storm) watches over his left shoulder in the background.

The Castle The shooting schedule was cut from from 20 to 11 days -- the number of days the filmmakers could afford to feed the cast and crew.

Ah the wealth of the Australian film industry - do we wonder why all our pretties leave for the States?!

Rio Bravo On May 8th, just one week into shooting ‘Rio Bravo’, Ricky Nelson celebrated his 18th birthday. As a gift, John Wayne and Dean Martin gave him a 300 lb. sack of steer manure, which they then threw Nelson into as a rite of passage.

Mulan HIDDEN MICKEY: The spots on Shang's horse's neck and rump are shaped like Mickey Mouse. There are also other hidden Mickeys in the film.

The Fifth Element The flying traffic created by the visual effects team at Digital Domain allowed artists to create personalized license plates. Though never visible in the film, the state slogan printed on all license plates reads, "New York, The Fuck-You State."

So fitting!

My Fair Lady Cary Grant told Jack L. Warner that not only would he not play Henry Higgins, but if Rex Harrison was not cast in the role, he wouldn't even go see the picture.Grosse Point Blank The director/producer originally planned to shoot the high school scenes at Grosse Pointe South High, but did not get permission from the school board. They felt that it would be inappropriate to show someone graduating from Grosse Pointe's school system to become a hit man.

Aww, why not?!  He's successful in his field - which is more than you can say about most high school graduates.

And because I can't help myself - here's some extras from a few other movies I love to watch over and over!

Paperback Hero Nindigully pub, prominently featured in the film as the Boomerang café, is a real life pub, essentially a town in itself (population 6), located 45 km from the nearest town. It is the oldest hotel (pub) in Queensland, operating continuously since 1864.

The Long Kiss Goodnight One of the movie's original locations was a historic, grand hotel in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada - the 100-year-old Windermere House. During filming, however, the hotel caught fire and burned to the ground. The heat from the film lights were initially blamed for causing the blaze, but it was never proven that the lights started the fire.

Wolf Creek The sign at the entrance of the old mining company site where the killer takes his victims is actually the name of backpacker murderer Ivan Milat spelled backward as Navithalim Mining Co.
This is one of the truly scariest movies I've seen.

David Duchovny improvised the "baring of the ass" scene and director Ivan Reitman decided to write it in to the shot. Unfortunately the scene had to be re-done so many time that Duchovny took a Polaroid picture of his rear end and held it up to the camera when it was required because it was too cold to pull his pants down over and over on cue.
Poor David's tushie!