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P*ssed off, with 2 hours to go

So I leave in a couple of hours. Yay!


I'm really pissed off at Matt.  Maybe it's my anal self.  But it's not so hard to just get everything packed NOW and that way, we can just sit about, chill, and not worry about it up 'til when the cab comes.  Right?  Makes sense, huh.

But nooooo.  Piling everything on the bed (only HIS clothes mind, I'm left with pulling everyfuckingthing else together), then sitting on the couch to watch football (both rugby and soccer) and eat cheesecake is apparently modus operandi.  And my calling down to ask if he knows where necessary plug adaptors are (for HIS phone charger) is too frakking annoying for him, and why can't he just sit and eat his cake and drink his tea in peace?!

So we had a minor yelling match, while our mate Mark was probably feeling very uncomfortable.


I'm supposed to be excited and elated about going on hols. Instead, I'm feeling aggravated and fucked off.  And like I'm the one in the wrong because I'm harrassing him to do stuff now.

Ah fuck it.  Just get over it, Cor.  I'm packed.  I'm gonna go out and water the garden, have a shower and sit on MY arse.  And if he wants anything when it's my downtime, he can sufferin'isjocks!

So there's an internet cafe on Kaly, so if I have sh*te of living in one room with TWO boys, you know I'm going to be on lj!  Hopefully there's not other crap to deal with today as I have no faith in my patience after this start.

Catch ya all when I'm in a better mood!


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Sep. 15th, 2007 10:32 pm (UTC)
Aww! Boys definitely suck.

So sorry! *hugs*
Sep. 16th, 2007 11:40 am (UTC)
I'm sorry about that. *hug* It's so not fun going away cranky (though it is kinda manditory when you're going on vacation. It was always like that with our family vacations anyway). Boys do suck sometimes! I have to admit, Hans is the one in OUR relationship who is packed in advance while I'm the one throwing clothes on the bed and then will go on doing something else. So I suck too. ;)

I'm sure you'll have fun though and this whole deal will blow over the minute you'll land in beautiful Greece. Positive! Have fun!

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