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Peaks! Grit! Bodily Injury!

Yay!  In five minutes I am off to meet Matt and start our weekend to the Peaks!

Ok, granted it'll take 3+ hours to actually drive there (if we're lucky), and we won't actually be climbing that scary scary grit until tomorrow, but yay!  It's been ages since I've climbed outdoors. 

We WERE supposed to go last weekend, but someone (not me!) was too hungover to a) drive, and b) lead climb.  

A bit scared as I caught up with a mate last night who was showing me his lovely grazes and bruises from last weekend.  But it should still be fun.  Outdoors! Camping! (Lazeema - I know you were wishing you were me right now) Climbing!

After all, we're off to Kaly next weekend.  Must get some outdoor practise in!  (Even if Peaks gritstone is completely different to Greek limestone).

So y'all have a fantabulous weekend and think of my grunting and climbing up something like this:

*bites nails* 


Sep. 10th, 2007 10:04 am (UTC)

Bit scratched up! But not hurt!

Well, you have the shoes I'm jealous of, I have to pasttime you shudder at!

Hmm, I somehow think you came out better in that exchange.