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Phew - one down!


I'm back in the office!  After 2 gruelling hours of pretend-project pitching, interviewing, questioning, grilling, good cop/bad cop routine, and all that jazz, I've now finished with the 3 Stages of hell!  Well, for this company at least.

Thanks for all the well wishes and good vibes guys!  Apparently I did ok (thank the gods for USB keys and pre-prepared powerpoint presentation skeleton!) in the complexity of the presentation, although not so good on explaning some of my experiences (from the past) that would apply to the proposed project.  

Check 'em out - CPC, Business Consulting section.  Do you see me there?!

Hmm, will being some high-falluting consultant mean that I have to wear make-up every day? Every day!?!   And actually manage my hair instead of leaving it to do whatever it wants?  Hurrrr.  Is it time to buy a hairdryer and hair product?  Ah crap on the latter, I'll just borrow The Boy's.

BTW whatthefrak are cashable and non-cashable savings!?!  N.F.I.!  Thankfully, I covered with the 'I'm not so well-versed on those fiduciary aspects, and will have to come back to you on that one' cop-out.  Not sure how believeable that was!

Oops, I just realised I used the word fiduciary a lot - a bit of a malapropism as I meant financial/budget rather than what I just found out on dictionary.com it mean.  Whoopsy!

And I had to consciously stop the hand-wringing.  Think Lady Macbeth, on the battlements, wild hair...

It's hard - I'm a fidgeter.  Not a sexy fidgeter like Jason Dohring, more the 'Cor, WILL you stop jiggling your leg?!' variety.

One down, one to go!  The big 3-0 woohooo.  I might actually start to feel that like and adult.  Although I'm certain that's over-rated.  There's nothing better than being a tumultuous, immature, fangirly squeeing, comic-book reading kid!  Is there?!

It's all very transitional.  New job (maybe), hitting 30 - all spearheaded by going to my first convention!  And meeting the most awesome bunch of people ever!  



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Jun. 15th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
Oh boy! That interview sounds cruel. Sadly, although I am a finance person ... I barely have any clue what you are talking about :)
Sure you did great.

The big 30! It was scary as shit for me ... but I am glad I am not the only one, that crossed that threshold and is still fangirly and somwhat immature when it comes do all things TV :)
Jun. 15th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
Shit. i was totally going to send you good wishes, but got distracted :( But anyway, you were in my thoughts and I'm sure you kicked ass and if they know what's good for them, they'll hire you and woohoo 30!

Have fun in your party, hun! Get smashed for me :)
Jun. 17th, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
Hey L
Thanks! I didn't get drunk at my own party but I had a fabulous time even if I was green at the gills from the night before, and amazing turnout of friends.
More details to come in a proper post!
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