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Worrisome days

Ok so I think I'm sh*tting myself.  

Dilemma 1
Tomorrow morning at 8:30, in 24 hours precisely, I have a third round interview with this small consultancy company at which I've been trying to get a new job.  I've been told quite reliably, by an inside source, that this is the sort of stage where you get given a case study problem, and have to do a little song-and-dance about it (not literally!).  

Essentially, you're playing a consultant who's pitching a solution to a company about whatever change management / business consulting / performance improvement project they need.

Apparently, it's also the stage where you completely have to fight the impulse to hand that paper right back to them and say 'thanks for your time', and walk out.  Hurrrrrr.

Now I only found out about this interview yesterday afternoon - Wed.  And this thing is on Friday!  Arrrrrrrrrrgh.  See?  Sh*tting my pants.  Am I ready for it?  Hell no!  Am I going to lose sleep over it?  Frak yes!

It's my fault really.  I told them last week that I wanted the interview this week.  Now, at the time, as they hadn't really come back to me early in the week, I didn't think I'd hear from them again.  Something to do with my rather demanding and tetchy response about being told that they could slot me in at the end of June.  End of June!  I first met with them on the 25th April, and had my second interview the week after Breakout.

I wanted to have this killed off before the weekend - it's my birthday!  I didn't want to have to stress out about some stupid hair-raising run-you-thru-the-mill interview thingimabob while I was busy getting drunk, eating to much, and being generally obnoxious!


Take it like a man, woman!  [oh, you mean whine and complain and sulk and go punch something?! like that?]

Dilemma 2
It's my birthday this weekend, and as per our custom, we have the big barbie bash of the summer on that weekend.  Now, this IS England so weather is a chancy thing, and weather forecasts are pretty much the throwing-a-dart-while-blindfolded kind of guess.  


*bites nails* *pulls out hair*  There is no way in hell we can fit almost 40 people in our house.  I live in Central London - it's saving grace is that we actually have a decent-sized garden.  That's where everyone's supposed to be - outside, in the garden, spilling over into the green behind the house.  Eating food, dropping food, drinking beer, spilling beer, making big messy footprints... OUTSIDE!

So all of you have to do a little no-rain-dance for me, puh-lease!

Oh, and if you can send brainiac/be-cool-sodapop vibes my way for tomorrow morning, that would be great also!

Particularly as this whole interview thing is conflicting with my prepping for the big bday barbie thing!  I am going to get sooooo drunk on Saturday.


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Jun. 14th, 2007 09:48 am (UTC)
Oh sweetheart congrats, stop stressing woman I am positive you will be great :)

Just remember how certain you were that you had failed miserably after the 1st interview stage and here you are at the 3rd. They obviously see something in you.

You’re a confident smart young woman and you will do just fine.

As to the BBQ let Matt sort it, it is YOUR B'day after all :) All you need to concentrate on are the gifts and the booze.

Anyway All the Shiniest vibes I can send are heading your way :)
Jun. 14th, 2007 10:53 am (UTC)
Thanks Tasha!

This is the brief from the interviewers I just got 1 minute ago:
"As a part of the selection process a presentation is obligatory. You will be given 30 min to prepare a presentation during the interview. The scenario is based on the situation that you are likely to encounter in the consultant role. Laptop and projector will be available for your presentation and the interview shouldn't last longer than 2 hours."


I'm a natural worrier-hostess. The type who never stops moving, making sure everyone has enough food/drinks/plates! And always putting my drink down and forgetting where that was!

2 stresses - lots of eaten fingernails!

Not helping that I wanted to take Monday off but have a huge assessment document to write before Tuesday - and our computer network is playing up at work something chronic. Arrrrgh.

I might just have to have a beer when I go to lunch later.

Jun. 14th, 2007 05:26 pm (UTC)
Cor don't worry I'm sure you will be fine at the interview, it sounds really scary though!
I hope you have a fantastic birthday, don't worry about being the hostess. Just have plenty of drinks. lol! :)
Jun. 15th, 2007 12:01 am (UTC)
Sending sunny thoughts and weather your way over the next few days. The interview sounds completely nerve-wracking, true, but ya know what? It's good it's happening tomorrow ... less time to freak out about it. Get the bloody thing over with!

I am going to get sooooo drunk on Saturday.

Good. I want a post from you on Sunday, completely hungover but filling us in all about your interview and your party. Actually no, Sunday is your birthday ... ignore the computer and have a lovely, lovely day of doing absolutely nothing!

Good luck!
Jun. 15th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC)
Thanks guys!
Packing my dacks still (nice aussie colloquilism there)
Sleepless tossing-about night so I'm gonna need that makeup to hide the bags!
I'll post Monday when I get to work!
Love yas!
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