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After much needling by shiny4love(???), I finally joined LJ and couldn't go with my 'Shack username anymore as LoVe had died a slow festering demise for me.  I had a whole list (me, list, really?!) of names, but she helped me decide on this one.

A Lama is a title for a Tibetan religious teacher.  A Llama is a Sth American pack animal, and relative of the alpaca (yup, it brings me back to Logan Echolls, of course! Attack-alpacas bwahahaha).

My god-dad is a fairly devout Buddhist (his sons even went into a monastery for their requisite year during their teens)and it's always so interesting talking with him.  And a close friend is a Dalai Lama groupie - so cute!

I'd like to spend more time exploring it.  If I ever chose any religion, it would be Buddhism.  I'm completely irreligious, but as I see it as more of a philosophy and a self-contained way of life than an organised, ritualistic religion, it calls to me the most.

I'm not sure what the connection I was making with the username.  Something about self-awareness/enlightenment against ignorance?  (ie. mixing the two up) ... Or maybe it's nothing deep and meaningful and I just liked the symmetry!  Plus it was a lot shorter than the other weird ones I drummed up.

I think tagging 10 would pretty much take up my whole flist, so I'll go with 5: jynehla, diamondrocker, neek_love, passing_girl, and sunnyringo - GO!  Anyone else, feel free!

Ooh, if anyone is interested in graphic novels AND Buddhism, Alejandro Jodorowski's The White Lama duology is a really cool read. 

favourite things meme

tiguhgirl gave me the letter 'T'

Find ten of your favorite things that begin with that letter and post them in your journal. Comment if you want a letter. 


Train journeys - because getting to your destination by train is just so much more relaxing. And it always takes you to the middle of a city!
Toffee - sweet sweet sugary goodness.
Tonka trucks - the old, hard-to-break kind!  I'm a tomboy at heart.
Tautology - it's just a great word (as is susurrate!) and happens so often.
Time - when you have plenty of the chilling-out kind, or for doing something you love, but not when you're stressing at work!
Tempestuous and troubled boys/men like Logan Echolls (yeah, I couldn't resist bringing JDoh back in either)
Tomatoes - eating, growing, throwing!
Tactile - clothes, people, whatever I just like to be able to touch things.
Tomorrow - manana, it has all the potential in the world.  Plus, I like to procrastinate *grins*
Thumbs - where would we be without them?!

Man, this was hard!  I was gonna go with 'The Princess Bride' - most fave movie ever.  But then I figured a definite article didn't quite count.

Off to climb now!

30 questions - stolen from dexterette

I had to take an antihistamine last night to control some allergies so feeling a bit blechly groggy today.  Plus - it's cold and grey over here!

And no pics yet - sorry! I was trying to bring some in but my home email went glitchy last night.  So I'll have to load a USB and bring them into work another day this week.


dexterette!  (You can see mine there.)  Answer in the comments.
1. Do you have a tattoo?
2. How old are you?
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Fish?     
(I think I misunderstood this question)
5. Do you dream in color?
6. Ever seen a corpse?
7. How about them hipsters?
8. How did we meet?
9. What's your philosophy on life and death?
10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be?
11. Do you trust the police?
12. Do you like musicals?
13. What is your fondest memory of me?
14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
15. Would you cheat?
16. What are you wearing?
17. Have you ever peed in a pool?
18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. Which do you prefer - short or long hair?
21. What's your favorite day of the week?
22. What's your favorite color?
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be?
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you?
25. What was your first impression of me?
26. Have you ever done drugs?
27. If we were locked in an elevator together, what would you want to discuss?
28. What is your favorite meal to have when you're on date?
29. If there is any habit you have that you could change - what is it?
30. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?

I'm going to the Westway tonight - indoor climbing wall.  Gotta keep up those Kaly skillz!  I reckon it's going to be a bit of a let-down tho as: indoors = not as nice as a sunny Grecian isle, painted holds and walls aren't as fun, and always crowded!

Good news is that I just booked tickets to see 'Macbeth', with Patrick Stewart playing the eponymous lead!  Yay!  "Make it so, Number One."  Disappointed that I wasn't organised enough to get tickets to 'Lear' with Ian McKellan 'tho.


I'm back! I'm back! I'm back!

I'm back! I'm back! I'm back!

And OMG do I have a lot of lj reading and catching up to do! 

Kalymnos was AWESOME!  Totally rate it!  

Granted our travelling was a bit antisocial and tiring (outbound-arrive at Kos at 0100, wait for a ferry to Kaly at 0645 and nap rest of day; return-get a 1600 ferry, to wait at a cafe for 6 hours then leave Kos at 0230, arrive London 0430 and sleep rest of day) but sooooo completely worth it.  

We even considered extending our stay there but there were no seats available at all.  :-P  Ah well, next year we know to book it for TWO weeks.  At least!
I tell you what tho', it's worth taking that ferry away from an airport hub - as it mean you avoid all those chav-y twatty British holidaymakers on Kos.  Phew.  Kaly basically has climbers and older/more experienced Greek holidayers.  Brilliant!  And the best way around the island is by scooter.  So the boys had a lark - while I sat pillion and had to go with the flow (and tight turns!).  Everything was cheap too.  Lotsa food! Lotsa beer!

The climbing was so good!  A bit painful at times (our banged up knees, cuts and scratches all over are testament to that) but very cool.  We got some good pics (not many of me as I tend to be the trailing paparazzo) so I will post some as soon as I've transferred them over to the computer.

Our hotel room had an amazing view of the opposite island (Telendos), which cast the most amazing sunsets.  The poolside bar was sweet, and the beach was right down from the pool.  Who could ask for more!  We even basically had a private beach to ourselves on the Wednesday as we got a watertaxi to drop us off for some deep water solo-ing (climb, fall into water, repeat) - I decided to be the sane one tho' and took the photos of the boys!

Picpost to come later this week!  I'm trawling through work emails AND lj posts today so it may take me a while to catch up to y'all.

To round up - Had a fabbo time!  Missed ya!  Nice to be back in own bed!

Sammy - 'Flight of the Conchords' is finally playing over here on BBC.  *snoppy dance*

P*ssed off, with 2 hours to go

So I leave in a couple of hours. Yay!



I'm supposed to be excited and elated about going on hols. Instead, I'm feeling aggravated and fucked off.  And like I'm the one in the wrong because I'm harrassing him to do stuff now.

Ah fuck it.  Just get over it, Cor.  I'm packed.  I'm gonna go out and water the garden, have a shower and sit on MY arse.  And if he wants anything when it's my downtime, he can sufferin'isjocks!

So there's an internet cafe on Kaly, so if I have sh*te of living in one room with TWO boys, you know I'm going to be on lj!  Hopefully there's not other crap to deal with today as I have no faith in my patience after this start.

Catch ya all when I'm in a better mood!

So I have 15 minutes left to go before I leave the office.  

Tomorrow and Friday I am stuck in 'The Office'-like hell of a residential 2-day conference with managers of the local government department I work at.  Some hotel in south London.  2 days!!!  I am going to struggle to keep myself looking interested in all the crap that goes on at these.  I went to one 4 years ago, and wasn't happy to be roped into this one too!

Lucky me, I have a half-hour slot for an equalities presentation at the end of the first day.  I have 8 slides, and am going to make it short and fast.  So we can hit the bar early!  

So that's the crappy bit.  

The AWESOME bit is that on Saturday afternoon/evening, we are off to Kalymnos, Greece!  (earlier post) Yay!  Here's to odd travel hours (ETA Kos 0230h), multiple changes (Athens-Kos-Kalymnos), and different transportation (plane-ferry-scooter) - culminating in a week of climbing and lounging by the poolside bar and on the beach!

I don't think I'll get a chance to check up on LJ while I'm at this work hell, or before I go (have to rush from Purgatory to a 30th party on Friday night), so... *waves*  

Catch ya when I'm back!

Peaks! Grit! Bodily Injury!

Yay!  In five minutes I am off to meet Matt and start our weekend to the Peaks!

Ok, granted it'll take 3+ hours to actually drive there (if we're lucky), and we won't actually be climbing that scary scary grit until tomorrow, but yay!  It's been ages since I've climbed outdoors. 

We WERE supposed to go last weekend, but someone (not me!) was too hungover to a) drive, and b) lead climb.  

A bit scared as I caught up with a mate last night who was showing me his lovely grazes and bruises from last weekend.  But it should still be fun.  Outdoors! Camping! (Lazeema - I know you were wishing you were me right now) Climbing!

After all, we're off to Kaly next weekend.  Must get some outdoor practise in!  (Even if Peaks gritstone is completely different to Greek limestone).

So y'all have a fantabulous weekend and think of my grunting and climbing up something like this:

*bites nails* 

what's in my hamster cage?

Stolen from

dexterette!  I'm bored at work, procrastinating, and the boss is away all week. What more can I say!


...[update: oops, have now put it all under the cut as I've just realised how long it is!...] 

bday hugs!



have an amazing you-day!



Waiting for Friday 9-5 to end!

Man, is it the end of Friday yet?!  Am dying for that happy hour cocktail with the girls.  Then we're gonna grab a bite before watching Waitress in Covent Garden cinema.

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Birth Month Meme:
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- Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
- Bold the five-ten that best apply to you.
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Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. <s>Loves to dress up</s>. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.


The other months….

Um, I can't tag 12! That would wipe out my flist completely!  I'll just poke at:


 (because I'm still hoping you'll be on lj!),








geek-induced snorting pig laughter

I AM a total geek.

It's true.  There's no denying it.  My lovely loyal kind flisters out there don't have to lie for me.  I know it.  You (may by now) know it.  Here's more proof...

Aside from all the obvious things (reading way too much, knowing every line to The Princess Bride and The Last Starfighter - among other movies, keeping lists, rah rah rah)I read Scott Adam's blog almost every day, and have now completely been sucker punched (in a good way) by his directing blogreaders towards Scott Meyer's comic - here.

This has had me rotflmao:

*snort*  You must go check them all out at the website (link above!)  Dilbert comics have lost it recently (although SA's blog is unmissable), but this new guy is brilliant.   I also recommend The Argyle Sweater (here).  It has nothing to do with Donut's dress sense, I swear!  (For all those VM ex-/fans out there)

*off to cry in a corner with laughter*


Seven is a magic number

I’ve been tagged by  [info]queen_haq and [info]chaotic4life! 

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

Here goes...


I now tag 













 (where are you, Tasha?! I miss you?!)

Have fun!


Greece! Rock! Ocean!


*grins maniacally*  Sorry, sorry!  Veeerrrry excited over here as I finally made the flight booking for our September week-long holiday in Kalymnos, in the Dodacanese islands of Greece.  

As my last real holiday was back in Feb (Borneo, Chinese New Year, two sets of parents), I'm completely bouncing up and down about this one.  Particularly as summer so far in England has been complete rubbish, worst I've experienced in 6 years living here.

It's supposed to have an awesome range of rockclimbing cliffs and looks soooo amazing.  Range is good as I'm not the best climber and need the easier stuff!  The boys will be pushing themselves more and I'm keen on getting good positions hanging off walls to take fabulous action shots of them.

   "Kalymnos is about 300 kilometers south east of Athens, and 100 north west of Rhodes..."

   "Recently developed Kalymnos, has reached amazing popularity heights to the point of being recognized as one of the top-10 sport climbing destinations in the world. Not much else need to be said for the likes of Grantte Grotta, Sykati and Odyssey sectors..."

Woohoo!  Shame we're not camping (I know how much

queen_haqloves camping! lol) as there's none on the island.  So instead we get to stay at this place - pool, beach, breakfast, poolside bar!:


It's not until mid-September, I know, but it's something to look forward to.  And I'm heading off to the indoor climbing wall tonight to start getting into shape.  It's been months since I last hit rock, or even plastic!  There may be a weekend trip to Portland, Dorset sometime next month, and possibly we could fit in a Eurostar over to Paris to get to the boulderfields of Fontainbleau.


*happy dances away*



I've seen 103 of these 168 movies

Nabbed from smokinmilkmaid!  And because I've been mind-blasted from multiple meetings today, I thought I'd seek amusement.

Put "I've seen ____ of these 168 movies" in the subject line and repost. If you've seen over 85 movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 168 movies on this list.

Too many moviesCollapse )


Total: 103


So it's very official - I have no life.  But I think I already knew that!  It's also sad to note that while I may not have watched some of these movies, I do actually have a fair number of them on dvd/drive. 

Then you factor in that I also love to read and have over a 1,000 books (& graphic novels - such a geek!).... hmmm, this is a very sad picture.

But I gotta question how some of these movies were clumped together!

There are a few movies here that I wish I could regain those lost hours...


Getting myself sorted, and clean!

My house looks like a Chinese laundromats!  And as I am Chinese, and I've just put through a kazillion loads of laundry, hey, I guess it is!

RockWerchter was AWESOME!!!  It didn't turn out to be the expected mudfest, the bands were all really brilliant (bar a few *yawns*), and we all came out of it fungus-free!  

Quick shortlist recap...
The good.
  Beastie Boys - they still know how to get a sweaty shoving mass of people jumping
  Kings of Leon - love the bluegrass tones
  Kaiser Chiefs - woohooo, awesome working of the crowd, they're young but they've got it
  Pearl Jam - I will have Eddie's babies (notwithstanding I'm a posterchild for child-free!)
  Snow Patrol - love them love them love them
  The Killers - me, moshpit, armpits, no oxygen!
  Damien Rice - *hugs self*

The bad/so-so.
  Razorlight - Ok music, bit generic. What is with that lead singer - total I-love-myself attitude.
  Frank Black - awful disappointment.  No voice, no tune, no good!
  Marilyn Manson - dude, get better make-up!  Good show tho.
  Bloc Party - very f*ckable east-london-boy lead singer.  The music otherwise ordinary.

The new.
Finds of the festival for me
  Dr Lektroluv - can't stop dancing!
  Blonde Redhead - nice chillout with beat
  John Legend - *curses* the lucky b*tch who got to slow&sexydance with him
  The Bravery - great tunes!
  Interpol - really enjoyed them as I sat sculling down way too much jenever (Belgian flavoured gin)
  The Van Jets - good rock sound
  Oi Va Voi - now, who could stop laughing to the bar-mitzvah-slant music!?

Such a blast!  It was great the the Belgian cousin got us primo campsite, and they even lugged two massive gazebo tent things to give us shade/shelter.  Brilliant!  The cooler, slightly damp weather made it so much better when you're a portaloo-using cheapskate like me, and for being able to sleep in a tent after the big nights!

If Matt wasn't working, we'd so be there for Pukkelpop!  Mandy - it clashes with Lowlands, what's with that?!

Jason Fucking Dohring!
Thanks to Tasha, and reading up on everyone's ljs, I'm squeeing imagining Jason Dohring as a fast-talking, sexy, vampire.  I &hearts him to death (haha) and want him to succeed and get out there and be acknowledged - outside of us squeeing fangirls/boys- for how great he is! 

The fantasties start here...

Dexter starts on Sunday on FX channel in the UK - I can't wait. Looks brilliant and I'm trying not to spoil myself.  Michael C Hall was brilliant in Six Feet Under, looking forward to him really showing the talent here.  Seriously, a serial killer tv show - frickin' cool!

4 days of rock, no sleep, and mud!

...(less than) 24 hours to go-oh-oh, I wanna be sedated...

Ok, I'm getting excited now!  I wasn't before, but last night we went for our food shop (if you know me, you know my life revolves around keeping my porkbelly happy!) for

And now I'm psyched, with a pile of stuff on the bedroom floor waiting to be crammed into a backpack.  

Four days of music and rock!  Four days of no sleep, no showers!  Four days of stomping in muddy fields!  Four days of holding-your-breath-when-you-go-to-the-portaloo!  

Ok that last part really makes it sound bad!  But it's so much fun.  Especially when you have a Belgian cousin going as a vanguard to scope out a campsite and set up your tent, and erect *g* the marquee (I'm so immature, the word 'erect' *g*, can't say it without giggling!).

Check out the website for the lineup RockWerchter.  It's a 4-day music festival in a little town called Werchter (hence RockWerchter!), which is close to the town of Leuven (where the Stella Artois brewery resides!), which in itself is just a little ways south of Brussels.

Last year it was hot sun, baking earth, and dehydration.  This year it's going to be rain, mud, and trenchfoot!  Woohoo!  

I'm still vaciliating between bringing my funky cool wellies my cousin just gave me for my birthday (bright baby blue with big colourful polka dots), and not lugging the weight (because I'll have tons of food with me!).  Thoughts?

Really looking forward to checking out the Beastie Boys, Marilyn Manson, Pearl Jam, Snow Patrol, Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, Damien Rice... and plenty others!

We leave bright and early tomorrow morning to catch the Eurostar to Brussels, so I won't be able to post til Tuesday.  Will tell you all about it then!


Mindless entertainment

I'm such a geek - I love the Powerpuff Girls and was surfing for userpics when I came across this...

Which PPG are you?

Quick and easy! And I'm so totally Buttercup! Click on it to find out which you are.

You wouldn't think I'm 30, now would you.

Bombed out

So I'll keep it brief.

I didn't make the cut for that CPC job.  Just got the call from the head honcho.  Personality wise - thumbs up!  Experience (or ability to demonstrate that experience) - thumbs down.

Sh*te.  Now I have to start all over again with other job prospects, recruitment agents, ten million mind-draining interviews.

*heavy sigh*

Maturity now, maturity now!

So I survived a fabulous birthday weekend - thanks y'all for all the birthday wishes.  And all the positive vibes!

Re. 'survival' - let me explain...

Friday evening - deciding to post-celebrate what had been a full-on interview experience, but with a possible positive outcome  (this Wednesday!), and to toast another mate who hit 30 that day, I hit Bar 101 under Centrepoint in central London with OTT zeal.

What does that mean?  Let’s just say… Happy Hour until 9pm… Cocktails and tequila shots… No food, no water… Cor speaking to the porcelain phone… And sitting in the shower, passed out at one stage…


And then me, spending all of Saturday trying to just stand upright!


But I still managed to have a fantastic day. 

And I felt so popular! 


Despite the worrisome start of the day (rain, rain, ooh look wind, and then rain again!), everyone came.  And they all hung in there even though I was completely off-form, incoherently hungover, and green at the gills.

Obviously all your anti-rain dances worked as it stayed clear enough that afternoon so the barbecue could actually happen, and allowing the spill of people outdoors.  This meant that our wee house could actually handle the 50 awesome people who came.


PLUS I scored big-time on the presents front. Yay! 

Between cocktail shakers (*groans* - not for a week at least!), jewellery, books, champagne and wine (*shudders again*), and everything else, it was an amazing swag of gifts.  It’s amazing that even when you say no-pressies-just-bring-yourselves, people can’t resist.  And who am I to refuse and complain!?

Sunday was the mammoth clean-up.  Thankfully we had Matt's Belgian cousin over and he helped cut the workload by half.  The rest of the day, I just chilled out and enjoyed NOT being alcohol poisoned.

So I’m 30 now – I’m sure I won’t be experiencing such immature, drunken escapades and aftermaths anymore.  Right?!  Right?!  

Surely in my fourth decade, I can now coolly float through a room, martini glass in hand, and converse about the econo-enviro-political ramifications of the latest G8 summit agreement, or how the volatile developments in Palestine head towards into civil war, or what latest cultural zeitgeist represents as a barometer of society?

Or crappit, I can just get trolleyed on HH-cocktails, stare bleerily at people in a bar-dark room, and dance to radio rock!  Situation normal!


It's Stef's fault...

Your results:
You are Catwoman
Iron Man
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You have had a tough childhood,
you know how to be a thief and exploit others
but you stand up for society's cast-offs.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

It's nice on the sexy aspect - tight outfit, whip, mask. But I'm not a cat-lover (they're pretty cool but I'm actually allergic!) And I'm also avoiding the gimp-outfit imagery.